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bullet  ENHANCING HUMANISM (Xuna's Secularism)
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bullet MEJORANDO LA HUMANIDAD, Secularismo (Laicismo) de Xuna.

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bulletYOUR HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. It could be offered in several ways:
bullet[a] Monetary contributions through funding campaigns created for this goal, which you can access by clicking on the links that follow ...  InDiegoGo, FundAnything , or directly via PayPal deposits (button on this page). You could opt to send the payment directly from PayPal ( to the account associated with this email: . That way you could use any debit or credit card of your choice.
bullet[b] You could also "spread the word",
bullet[i] by posting the news on social networks, or emailing to friends and acquaintances.
bullet[ii] you order the book,
bullet[iii] after reading it, if you feel is worth to spread the message, you could write a review in Amazon, or in whichever bookstore or publisher you acquire it from.
bullet[iv] you could try finding a local publisher in your country or city, or libraries and bookstores who would be willing to carry this book.   Why is this so important? 
bulletBecause, a lot of people around the world do not have access to Amazon, neither can they buy using credit cards or the online services we are familiar with, such as PayPal. Furthermore, if anything, they might have access to a download (digital format like Kindle), but not to the usual book in paper form (overseas, very few people own an electronic tablet as to be able to download books electronically)

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Writer:  John Xuna (also Juan and XoŠn)             

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