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bullet EHXS.com  ENHANCING HUMANISM (Xuna's Secularism)
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bullet MEJORANDO LA HUMANIDAD, Secularismo (Laicismo) de Xuna.


° The motivation for the publication of the book TIF (mnemonics stand for "THE IGNORANCE OF FAITH" ) is rooted in an interest to enhance humanism, to fight barbarism, to influence a greater respect and equality for women, and to promote tolerance and understanding among all humans (nations, religions, races, sexual orientations, gender, etc).

° The common cause is: Uphold respect for the rights of human beings and animals, protect flora and fauna, be a watchdog for ecological abuse with an eye on sustainability of resources (in a world with ever increasing population growth).

° Of paramount importance is to clarify -with scientific facts- those erroneous beliefs that enslave the minds of too many people, and scrutinize supernatural claims from charlatans, and reveal deceit coming from many religious leaders. In short, that's the incentive the Author had to write the TIF treatise, which was copyrighted in 2012.


° The Author (John Xuna) is a retired Engineer (M.S. in Telecommunications), university Professor, and public school Teacher (Math, Science and Physics) who has depleted his life savings on several social and humanitarian efforts.

bulletOne such effort has been the publication of the book TIF (currently translated to five international languages).
bulletAnother effort has been the creation and sustaining -along many years- of several non profit websites called SIBs (Science Information Beacons) which warn the public about impending threats to the survival of humanity. More about that on the corresponding tag above (Xuna's Webs).  Websites such as www.OilDepletion.com and www.PetrolSOS.com, or www.DoomedGlobe.com, www.ZUET.com (Zeroing in Underground Energy Technologies), and more recently www.BogusBang.com (on the secrets of the Universe).
bulletAfter 9/11 (2001) Mr. Xuna -an atheist, a foreign-born immigrant with noticeable accent, and a neophyte in politics- decided, anyway, to run for seat in the US Congress. His platform was based on alternative energies, promotion of technology, protection of the environment, decency in the labor market, fair balance in International politics, and respect for human rights. Strenuous efforts dedicated to this political campaign depleted his life saving, and probably caused the onset of his diabetes, but never regretted having participated in such a thrilling experience, despite of being no naïf to his chances of been elected. More about that on the corresponding tag above (Xuna's Webs).  Left untouched -since 2002- as a "legacy to the public", you will find websites such as www.Xuna.com (progress of campaign), www.Xuna.net (campaign issues), www.Xuna.info (the candidate), etc...
bulletThe book -without funding from anybody- has been published in 5 languages (as of 2014), and is available internationally via Amazon.com (in the USA is also offered by BarnesAndNoble.com).  There are plans for translating it into several other languages.  By now, TIF should have been available in Hindi and Arabic as well, but con-artists derailed this plan.  Other efforts in Russian and Chinese (both Traditional, and Simplified) were unexpectedly interrupted.
bulletCONSTRAINS : On several occasions, and despite commitments, translation of the book was never started due to "cold feet" or fear from translators to zealots in their countries.  In some countries (especially in Islamic lands) participating in projects to "open the eyes" of those submitted by religion or political systems confront serious personal risks. Those countries do not respect secular people or different ideologies, they consider a serious crime to change religion (apostasy), or the dissemination of other religions (proselytizing).  Anything could be labeled "blasphemous" which brings penalties or worse.
bulletOut there we have huge masses of potential readers, millions of them, eager of clarify their philosophical views, or with serious doubts about their religious beliefs, yet reaching them CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT HELP FROM MANY OTHERS. It is for that reason, the Author has created several funding campaigns (crowdfunding) as to be able to accomplish those goals (such as in Indiegogo, Fundanything ,...).
bulletYOUR HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. As indicated in more detail n the tag "Donations & Support" your help could be offered in several different ways.



° As indicated above, the Author is a humanist who has made great efforts to inform people. As an Atheist, he is a watchdog for deceit.  He himself has been on several occasions discriminated by his lack of religious tenets (especially since becoming a public school teacher in 2005).

° It was in 2006 when efforts were started to write TIF, which was going to be titled differently ("The Dream of Paul Dirac"). Yet, due to family obligations, and the need to make a living he could not indulge for too long on that project, and it had to be postponed, relegated for a future time.

° The opportunity appeared in 2011 when he was offered a teaching position at the National University of Asuncion in Paraguay. As Professor of Physics he found plenty of time after classes to dedicate to this endeavor of writing this treatise.  Published first in Spanish (Aug. 2012), a month later was available in English, and before the end of 2012 was Portuguese, French and German.


° This website has been organized hierarchically, as to avoid clattering. By clicking the above buttons/tags you access additional information regarding status of language editions, as well as other related scientific topics of interest covered on the book, such as probability of extraterrestrial civilizations (Xuna Formula), clarifications about what is the main topic and conclusion of the book (the X Hypothesis), access to other Modern Physics topics (Bogus Bang), who is John Xuna, Donations, and links to some other websites created by the Author.


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Writer:  John Xuna (also Juan and Xoán)             

"THE IGNORANCE OF FAITH"  Copyright © 2012   

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