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Year Age Milestone Reference
2018 69 Book on "Quantum Relativity Theory" or on my 70th birthday !! Black Holes, Universal Constants, "Bogus Bang", QM Fluctuations
2017 68 Hoping this year my treatise would reach the 1,000 milestone (books sold)!  :O) So far, it has been exponential sales (x 4 every year, after 2012) ;O)
2016 67 Planning on publishing the Arabic, Russian, and Chinese (both Simplified & Traditional) Victim of fraud, otherwise Arabic edition would have been ready by now.
2015 66 Hindi version of book is ready for publication, only needs proof-read. That edition next. Chiasm in Physics, new branch "Quantum Meta Physics". Why?
2014 65

Last year I taught Physics (at MOA, Marine Oceanographic Academy)

"X-Theory" ("divine essence" -were to exist- its speed has to be below c)
2013 64 Returned from Paraguay (roundtrip 10,000 miles) -via Central Am.- to FL 1 year travelling (6 mo. going, 6 mo. return). 1 year instructing.
2012 63 Professor of Physics at the University of Asunción, Paraguay.

Published the book in five languages ("The Ignorance of Faith")

2011 62 Travelled with my car from US >> Argentina and back, crossing Central and South America. Car was shipped from Miami to Lima, Peru. Driving started there.
2010 61 Took Atheist discrimination case to EEOC (Equal Employ Opport. Commiss). A travesty!   Superintendent voted in by Religious Right, the he appoints Principals.
2009 60 Suffered several discriminations in FL high schools for being Atheist. Disappointed! I only talk about the dichotomy Science<->Church when is a must.
2008 59 Went to Boston, invited by M.I.T and Harvard University. Presented ZUET © TXu 637-935 - Zeroing in Underground Energy Technologies.

2007 58 Published, on atmospheric CO2 contamination. On spare time I create "science beacons" as service to community
2006 57 Published, about the "Big Bang", then took it out.   Will write book instead, including: Q.Relativity and Black Holes.
2005 56 Moved to Okeechobee, FL, with new Teacher´s Certificate.  Taught Science to juveniles. Math, Physics and Sciences taught: in several high schools of FL.
2004 55 Moved to Spain, with many projects in planning. Yet, back to USA after 11 mo.   Economic crisis was looming, especially in Spain. Left just in time.
2003 54 Moved to Cape Canaveral, coincidentally on our arrival we had the Columbia disaster.  No chance for a job with any NASA subcontractor in Melbourne.
2002 53   "Qualified" Candidate to the US Congress (FL, CD22, Embarked as neophyte in this political campaign. Hard work & Thrill
2001 52  ITC promotes me to VP of International Sales after job with client SPRINT is done.  Relocated to Miami, from there travelled often to Latin America.
2000 51  ITC relocates me to Overland Park, KS, to do work on site for SPRINT Developed a DB that was connected to Oracle (ODBC), in C++. 
1999 50 "SABIO - Searching for Answers in Biology"   PROLOG Expert System, a work in progress.
1998 49 Accept executive position with ITC (Independent Technologies Co) At C.S.U. gave presentation of "High-Speed Optical Networks"
1997 48 Accepted to Ph.D. Program (Computer Sciences at Colorado State U., Fort Collins). Due to divorce´s child support obligations I have to quit Ph.D.
1996 47 Thesis: "TCP/IP abd TO4/CLNP with Chromosomes"... (Nucleolic Progr.) "IMPLEMENTATION OF A TRULY UNIVERSAL PROTOCOL STACK"
1995 46 M.S.T.E. (GPA 3.69, Data Transmission - Univ. Of Colorado, UC Boulder)   Started studies Telecomm Engineering in Boulder, Colorado.
1994 45 Accept executive position in Sioux Falls, with LodgeNet Entertainment (PPV, VOD, iTV). "Frequent Flyer" travelling internationally. Hotel´s pay-per-view.
1993 44 "DECADE D.M.I.S" (Dairy Management Info. Sys.) Written in C for all kinds of PCs. © TXu 90-917  - started working on it a decade after first DMIS
1992 43 Left StorageTek (STC), CO.    Founded software venture "A.S.S.I" in Two Rivers, WI  Stands for "Animal Science Software International"
1991 42 "US Energy Policy: S.O.S [Scared Ostrich Syndrom]" Book sent to 20 Publishers. No interest.  © TXu 494-108  (
1990 41 "A Decade with Nucleolic Programming" . Copyrighted by not published.   :O( © TXu 470-416
1989 40 Founded "DairySoft" in Boulder, CO (due to full time at STC could not dedicate much to it) Full time at STC, only could work part time on venture.
1988 39 STC transfer, to HQ in Louisville, CO.  Worked on critical software for testing.  Many test routines were implemented using my "nucleolic" coding
1987 38 Board Test, System Test, and Production Manager at STC - Ponce, PR Storage Technology (a manufacturer of large memory storage).
1986 37 Legal change of name: John Xuna . Proud software pioneer (databases for "micros")   XUNA = X-referenced, Universal, Nucleolic, Archiving
1985 36 M.B.A (GPA 3.674, Accounting - Interamerican U., Caguas, P.R) No degree, never took second part of Comprehensive Exam.
1984 35 Wrote paper "Marketing Analysis of the Dairy Industry in P.R." UIA - Reserve
1983 34  Full time Professor at Interamerican University (IAU). Computer Sci. Taught: Networks, Automata Theory, Telecomm Theory.
1982 33 "XUNA D.M.I.S" a powerful DB; color, graphs, all crammed in 100 KB © TXu 74-195 - Written in BASIC: 10K OS, 8K Interpr, 36K DB.
1981 32 "Nucleolic Programming". Paper."Super compacted modular design"  © TXu 65-219
1980 31 "3D-Graphics" … Math transformations, a first on Atari    © TXu 52-171
1979 30  Sent US Congress a pioneering article on Peak-Oil ( Plagiarized by Business Week Mgz. Litigated them for a while.
1978 29 Founding of "Scientific Software", registered on Long Island, NY   Same year as Microsoft, one year before Oracle was founded.
1977 28 Regional Manager for the Middle East and West Africa for DATABIT.  Tired of risky travel, accepted position with British Airways, NYC
1976 27 First long stay in Latin America, installing radars (SSRs), Manaus, BRZ Manaus A/P was being transformed from a local to International
1975 26 Moved to Long Island, NY, being hired by NASA subcontractor (AIL) AIL = Airborne Instruments Labs.  Radiating System Division. B1.
1974 25 B.S.E.E (CAAM, P.Rico U., Mayaguez) MAGNA CUM LAUDE. Dean List  GPA affected by English.  EPs did not count, and yet 3.5 GPA
1973 24 As student worked in LASER Research at the Nuclear Center of P.R.  Finished 5-y career in record time (4 semesters, 2 summers)
1972 23 After honorable discharge, moved with wife to PR. Re-started engineering studies.  No equivalence. Yet, "proving exams" -PEs- shortened studies.
1971 22 Serve in the Military Police, Spanish Army, Madrid, Spain.  Married in San Juan, during leave, then return to military duty in Madrid.
1970 21 Due to mishup could not prorogate compulsory military service. Move to Cáceres, Spain, to start military "boot camp"
1969 20 Start of Engineering studies in the University of Barcelona (ETSII) Escuela Técnica Superior  Ingenieros Industriales, Barcelona
1968 19 Had priviledge of receiving BARRIÉ DE LA MAZA (CONDE DE FENOSA) Back then, no school of "Ingenieros Superiores" in home region, Galicia.
1967 18 At Citroen worked on drafting, lathe, milling machine, chemical labs, … Worked for 3 years at Citroen Hispania, in Vigo, Spain.
1966 17 Plant Manager Apprentice at CITROEN HISPANIA S.A.  Started working for Citroen after graduating from Mechanical Eng. (assoc)
1965 16 Aso. Degree in M.E. (Escuela Peritos, Vigo U.) SUMA CUM LAUDE  Director, Pellicer Cuernavaca, indicated was highest grade ever.
1964 15  Studied 3 years in internship with Salesian Priests (trade school) Supposed to be secular instruction, yet it was "seminarish".
1963 14 Become a convinced ATHEIST, very interested in Philosophy books. Equates to an American trade school, finished high school autodidactically.
1962 13 After very selective exam received scholarship by CITROEN In conjunction with small grants from CAJA DE AHORROS DE VIGO
1948 11/10 Born. Vigo, Spain (family birth name: Modesto Álvarez-Vázquez) Father was a policeman. Mother a housewife. Have 3 brothers, 1 sister.

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