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In order not to overload these web pages, I created another web exclusively dedicated to Physics topics, especially Astrophysics.  Please click on this link and you will be able to read interesting pages starting with:

  1. The "humongous size" (an understatement) of the "visual universe".
  2. Speed light "really frozen" when looked at from millions of light years away.
  3. The Big Bang (true or false?). Multiverses. Black Holes.
  4. Can GOD be hidden in -or riding along- extra-dimensions?
  5. Elementary Particles of the Standard Model.

... and as time passes, more and more would be added on:

  1.  Super-string Theory,  Extra "curly" dimensions.  How many? 10, 11?
  2. Quantum Theory. Dual Vector Spaces. Entanglement.
  3. Especial Relativity. Lorentz Transform. Time Dilation.
  4. General Relativity. Covariant and Contravariant Derivatives.
  5. Modern Cosmology. Hubble Constant. Density of Vacuum.
  6. Dirac Equations. Einstein Equations. Christoffel Symbols.  
  7. Nobel Laureates in Physics. Year awarded!
  8. Classic Mechanics, Lagrangian, Hamiltonian.
  9. Tensor Calculus,  Supenovas, Pulsars, Quasars, Blazars... and more :O)

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