The Ignorance of Faith
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bullet  ENHANCING HUMANISM (Xuna's Secularism)
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bullet MEJORANDO LA HUMANIDAD, Secularismo (Laicismo) de Xuna.
Editions ISBNs                         Titles
Spanish 978-0-578-11102-5.    "La Ignorancia de la Fe"
English 978-0-578-11253-4.    "The Ignorance of Faith"
Portugu. 978-0-578-11436-1.    "A Ignorncia da F"
French 978-0-578-11572-6.    "LIgnorance de la Foi"
German 978-0-578-11571-9.    "Die Unwissenheit des Glaubens"
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Writer:  John Xuna (also Juan and Xon)             

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